A Lynchburg Christmas Story

Once upon a time, in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, was a beautiful city called Lynchburg. This city loved to celebrate holidays. Of all the holidays, Christmas was the most celebrated! The people of Lynchburg loved to put on wonderful spectaculars and everyone enjoyed attending them. The citizen’s creativity and excitement for the Christmas season made the list of events grow each year. The only problem was that as the number of events grew, people did not know about all the events. Then one day, an idea popped in the mind of one of its residents. “Wouldn’t it be great to create a website that would list all of Lynchburg’s Christmas events and festivities?”. With this one quick thought and a twinkle in her eye, A Lynchburg Christmas was born. 

Please share your favorite Lynchburg Christmas events in order to help others further enjoy Lynchburg this Christmas season.